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Easter Sunday Reflection By Friar Chris Eggleton, O.P.

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Mary Magdalene ran urgently to tell the other disciples about the empty tomb which ignited Simon Peter and the Beloved Disciple to run with urgent longing and hope to discover for themselves what had occurred.  Resurrection had occurred and the Beloved Disciple “saw and believed.” Our human capacity to notice what is beautiful is now 20/20 in the light of the Resurrection of Jesus.  The scales of our sinfulness are burned away in Christ Resurrected, Light of the World.  Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer’s painting ‘Young Woman with a [...]

Lenten Reflection by Sister Mary Jeremiah, O.P.

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We have in a sense come full circle from the beginning of Lent on Ash Wednesday. The Gospel from Matthew on that day was an account in which Jesus spoke of the three major acts associated with this penitential season.—prayer, fasting, almsgiving. Today—Good Friday—we are at the pinnacle of Lent. Jesus, in His own body—walking the via dolorosa and hanging on the cross—manifests for us the fullness of prayer, fasting and almsgiving. Everything that Jesus said and did on that first Good Friday long ago was a prayer [...]

Movie Review: Noah


Noah is one of the more bizarre movies I’ve seen in a long time.  Writer-director Darren Aronofsky could have called it Noah Meets the Transformers!   The Transformer-like creatures that appear in Noah are apparently Aronofsky’s interpretation of the obscure passage Genesis 6:1-4, which immediately precedes the Noah story.  In this passage, the Biblical author refers to “sons of heaven” who mate with the beautiful “daughters of men” and created the Nephilim, who were “heroes of old.”  The footnote from my New American Bible describes this passage as [...]

Lenten Reflection by Friar Thomas Schaefgen, O.P.

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Our own personal anxieties about a presentation, test, or performance the next day can easily get in the way.  Even when we are almost certain of the outcome, confident and thoroughly prepared, when it comes down to it… we still get the willies.  A “day off” to relax before the big event easily ends up turning into a day of agony as we have nothing to do but think, and overthink. Yet, looking at Jesus wash his disciples feet, preparing them for tomorrow, he appears calm. Certainly this [...]

Lenten Reflection by Friar Marcos Ramos, O.P.

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  Judas Iscariot! Why did you do it? At first glance the reader is disgusted with the way that Judas, a disciple of Jesus, had no qualms in betraying his master for thirty pieces of sliver. There are other references in Scripture about this sum of money, a substantial amount at the time. Ezekiel 21:32 presents thirty pieces of silver as the compensation sum due to the owner of a lost slave. Zechariah 11:12 refers to thirty pieces of silver as the wages of the rejected shepherd (a [...]