About Us

The Dominican Friars, priests and brothers, of the Province of St. Martin de Porres have served the Southern United States since 1979. The Order of Friars Preachers, a Roman Catholic religious Order made up of priests and brothers, was officially approved by Pope Honorius III in 1216. Dominican friars were formally established in the United States in 1805 by Fr. Edward Dominic Fenwick, O.P. More than two hundred years later, over 850 Dominican friars are preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the United States. With over 5500 friars in 70 countries throughout the world, Dominican friars continue the legacy of preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ wherever needed, in season and out of season. Our common life of prayer, community, and study create the foundation for our preaching and service to the Church and the People of God.

Beginning November 7, 2015 – January 21, 2017, the Dominican Province of Saint Martin de Porres, along with the Order of Preachers around the world, will celebrate the 800th anniversary (or Jubilee) of the approbation of the Order by Pope Honorius III in 1216. From its institution in the year 1216, the Order of Preachers, has had the sole mission of “preaching and the salvation of souls.” Please join us in this joyous celebration.

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Dominican Priests and Brothers

The Order of Friars Preachers, founded by St. Dominic, “is known to have been established, from the beginning, for preaching and the salvation of souls, specifically.” Our brothers, therefore, as the founder prescribed, “should everywhere behave uprightly and religiously, as men intent on procuring their own and other people’s salvation; they should behave as gospel men, following in the footsteps of the Savior, speaking to God or of God, among themselves or with their neighbors.”
-from the Fundamental Constitutions.