Divine Mercy Sunday Reflection

Peace be with you! The great Messiah, the King of Kings did not say to his disciples, “See, I told you so, I am risen!” Instead, he told them, “Peace BE with you!” Not just once, but each time he … Continue reading

Saturday in the Octave of Easter Reflection

About a month ago, on March 4, at a Missionaries of Charity elderly home in Aden, Yemen, four religious sisters and 10 to 12 other people were killed in a terrorist attack. One of the martyred sisters, Sister Anselm, was … Continue reading

Friday in the Octave of Easter Reflection

In today’s Gospel, we see the sharp contrast between relying on our own strength alone and accepting a share in the mission of Jesus Christ. It was natural for Peter to return to fishing after the resurrection of Jesus, but … Continue reading

Thursday in the Octave of Easter Reflection

As preachers, these scriptures should provide for us two revelations on how we proclaim Christ. Firstly, the blessed Apostle provides for us the Kerygma of the Gospel message in the first reading. He does this in connection to the Old … Continue reading

Wednesday in the Octave of Easter Reflection

Our readings today touch on all four pillars of Dominican Spirituality in a tidy package! Peter and John were approaching the temple for the three o’clock hour of prayer; thedisciples were well aware that prayer was crucial in keeping them … Continue reading

Tuesday in the Octave of Easter Reflection

What is in a name? In the Gospel today, Mary Magdalene recognizes the Risen Christ when he calls her by her name. After a lengthy discourse about why she is upset, finally Mary recognizes the man that now calls her … Continue reading

Monday in the Octave of Easter Reflection

Resurrection Is Mission The [women] went away quickly from the tomb, fearful yet overjoyed, and ran to announce this to his disciples. (Matthew 28:8) When Jesus chooses and calls us, it is not to a “life of leisure.” Being a … Continue reading

Easter Sunday Reflection

Easter Sunday is such a glorious feast in the Church. Along with Christmas, and maybe Mother’s Day, it is one of the few times that people actually dress up to come to Church in their new suits and Easter bonnets. … Continue reading

Holy Thursday Reflection

Do you realize what I have done for you? Here we are once more at the break of the Triduum, three days celebration of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Tonight’s liturgy, rich in actions, rites, … Continue reading

Wednesday of Holy Week Reflection

As a very young child I was taught by my mother and grandmother that Jesus loves me and everyone with a love that never ends. I can remember the first songs they taught me, “Jesus Loves Me,” “Into My Heart,” … Continue reading

Tuesday of Holy Week Reflection

Today’s Gospel places us right at the core of the Passion of Christ. It is passion at its deepest and most intense level, bringing together so many contradictions within Jesus’ own narrative as well as that of his disciples. We … Continue reading

Monday of Holy Week Reflection

In today’s Gospel reading, Jesus rebuked Judas Iscariot for his snide remark and self-righteous criticism of Mary of Bethany. In a tender act of devotion, she used expensive perfumed oil to anoint Jesus’ feet. John the Evangelist makes it easy … Continue reading

Palm Sunday Reflection

“Do this in memory of me…” As we enter Holy Week this Palm Sunday, I wonder if these words of Jesus and some others, said at every Mass, have become so familiar to me, that I fail to listen carefully, … Continue reading