The Tulane Catholic Center in New Orleans

The Tulane Catholic Center, a ministry bringing the depth, vibrancy and richness of the Catholic faith to all students, faculty and staff of Tulane University.



The Catholic Center began at Tulane University in the 1930s as a Newman Club for Catholic students on campus.  Over the years it has developed into a vibrant center for Catholic life on campus served by the friars of the Order of Preachers (the Dominicans).  The friars came to Tulane in 1966 with the arrival of Fr. Val McInnes, OP.  The Dominicans are well-suited to campus life, dedicating themselves to the sacra praedicatio (the Sacred Preaching) through sharing the fruits of the discipline of study.  Dominicans seek truth and value intellectual rigor, the sciences, peace and justice, the arts and communication.


As Tulane University seeks to form students not only for success in their professions but also for service to their local community, the Catholic Center provides an indispensable spiritual dimension.  Spiritual formation is not just about devotion, but a solid foundation of intellectual and moral values from which one thinks, chooses and acts in the world as a human being with integrity. We provide opportunities to learn through lectures, classes and personal study, to serve through community programs and our mission to Honduras, to pray through liturgy and prayer groups, and to grow through fellowship, dialogue, Reconciliation and spiritual direction.  Through their involvement at the Catholic Center, Tulane students will have a space to integrate all they learn and become servant leaders in the world and in the church.


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