Tuesday of the First Week of Advent

We can easily miss the small things that give us joy when events around us become overwhelming. Just watch children play, see how they are in the moment: trusting, forgiving and without malice. They appreciate the simple things moment by moment.  They trust and depend on their parents for their needs while at the same time they would want to do things for themselves. They are at times even fearless because they rely on their parents and know that they will be there for them.

These are a child’s characteristics that we forget as we get older. As adults we start seeing life differently. The pressures of life shift our focus to material things and not always intentionally. We start to think we are in control.  We say we have no time and time runs so fast with the year ending so quickly. What happened to the year with lots of things still to do?

God always reminds us that we still have those childlike characteristics in us. We are invited to come to the Father who is always waiting for us to remain in the moment.  As a father would do for his son, God’s comfort makes things easier for us.  During moments of silence, He shows us wisdom.  Thus wisdom comes from the heart and so we listen.