Wednesday of Holy Week

Doubt, despite its negative connotations, can be an overall positive experience. When we have unanswered questions, or are just not experiencing God’s presence in our lives, this can be an opportunity for us to grow in our faith. If we find the answer we were looking for or become aware of God’s presence in our lives again, rest assured our faith has become stronger than it once was.

In reflecting on the Gospels, we can often compare ourselves to Jesus’s disciples. In Matthew’s Gospel about Judas’ plot to betray Jesus, Judas’ motives are unclear but there is undoubtedly a hesitation to believe that the kingdom of God will be brought about by the death of Jesus. It seems Matthew is showing us how not to react when faced with our questions and uncertainties. There is no question all of the disciples were fearful of the impending fulfillment of the passion, but one disciple shows us how truly destructive these feelings can be when acted upon. So when we have doubts in our lives about our faith and it seems God is absent, where then can we turn?

It can probably be assumed that Judas did not consult any of his brothers about his plans or his feelings before betraying Jesus to the chief priests. This choice on his part is incredibly significant and one to be avoided at all costs. When we are at our lowest, if we take our fears and doubts to our brothers and sisters, they can be an immense source of consolation, especially when we do this in the company of those who also live by faith. Just by talking about how we are feeling we can often find the answers to our questions. So if we come across doubts walking along the path of discipleship, it is important that we turn to our communities of faith. It is there where we are reminded that we are not traveling alone, and in doing so our hope in the imminent resurrection is strengthened.